Dua Lipa talks ‘loss’ and ‘injustice’: ‘Houses burned. I saw them’

Dua Lipa recently opened up her background and career journey.

The Training Season songstress recently sat down for a confessional with Elle and talked about a myriad of different topics.

During this chat, the girlfriend of Callum Turner shared details about loss and trauma, “I heard stories from friends (in Kosovo) who lost family members.”

To note here, Dua Lipa was born in London, but moved to Kosovo with family at the age of 11.

The 28-year-old singer also mentioned, “Houses burned. I saw them. When you have that direct communication with people who have been through (war), it opens up a completely new world, and it did for me.”

She confessed, “I feel very close to (those suffering) injustices in the world, or inequality. Whether that be war, or coming out to your family, everyone’s got a different experience.”

“It’s about support and learning together. I said to my parents: ‘I don’t know how you let me do that. But I knew that I didn’t have the same opportunities that I would have in Kosovo,” Dua continued.

“I was so determined. I think my parents saw parts of themselves in me, and that allowed for them to be so open-hearted and generous with that trust,” she remarked in conclusion.

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