Orphaned Orca calf escapes Canadian lagoon after being trapped for a month

A calf of an Orca, a killer whale, has finally escaped from a lagoon that it was trapped in for over a month, NBC News reported.

According to the report, the orphaned Orca had been stranded near Vancouver Island in Canada’s British Columbia since March.

The Ehattesaht First Nation named the Orca calf, “Brave Little Hunter” after it was left all alone following its pregnant mother’s death on a rocky beach in late March.

The team at Ehattesaht First Nation, along with fisheries officials, attempted several unsuccessful methods to catch and release her in open waters.

These attempts included the use of a sling to transport their Brave Little Hunter and playing recorded killer whale sounds to lure her out of the remote lagoon.

They even serenaded her with violin music.

However, during the high tide last week, she finally managed to swim past the sandbar where her mother died, under the bridge, down Little Espinosa Inlet, and into the Esperanza Inlet, without help from the team.

The Ehattesaht First Nation team were treated with “a long night of her breaching and playing.”

Later, the team caught up with the Orca calf in the Esperanza Inlet, to “encourage her out toward the open ocean where it is hoped that the Brave Little Hunter’s calls will be heard by her family.”

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