Gold rates in Pakistan drop massively by Rs 7800 per tola

KARACHI: The gold rates in Pakistan witnessed a sharp decline on Tuesday, moving the cost of 24-karat gold to Rs240,900 per tola after seeing a price dip of Rs7800.

Similarly, price drops were recorded by dealers for the price of 10 grams of 24-karat gold, which is currently trading at Rs206,533, down Rs6687. In addition, the cost of ten grams of 22-karat gold decreased to trade at Rs189,322.

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At present, the cost of 24-karat silver is Rs 2,650. Gold fell in value internationally as well, by $72, to reach $2,309 per ounce.

These fluctuations are strongly correlated with shifts in the US dollar’s value, demonstrating the tight connection between gold prices and exchange rates. This emphasizes how local gold markets are impacted by variables related to the global economy.

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