Petroleum product prices likely to decline from May 1- Check expected prices

KARACHI: Prices of petroleum products are expected to decline in Pakistan in the next price review on April 30 owing to an international downward trend in oil prices.

On April 30, the federal government plans to revise the prices for petroleum products, including kerosene oil, high-speed diesel, light-speed diesel, and gasoline. The expectation of a drop in gas prices is linked to the global oil prices’ declining trend.

According to reports, the price of gasoline dropped by $1.86 per barrel to settle at $107.16 per barrel, while the price of diesel fell by $4.3 on the global market as it is not traded at $104.76 per barrel.

Petrol Price in Pakistan Today
For the second half of April 2024, the Pakistani government raised the price of petrol by Rs4.53 per liter on April 15. The current price of petrol is Rs293.94.

According to a Finance Division announcement, high-speed diesel (HSD), now priced at Rs290.38 a liter, has also increased by Rs8.14 per liter.

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Expected Petrol Price in Pakistan for May 2024
The petrol price is expected to decrease by Rs7.85 to Rs286.09 per liter while the diesel price would fall by Rs3.75 to Rs286.63 per liter.

Fuel Type Current Price Expected Price (Rs/litre)
Petrol 293.94 286.09
High-Speed Diesel 290.38 286.63

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