“Adenovirus”: With changing weather, Karachi Faces new Virus

KARACHI: In response to a shift in weather, Karachi, Pakistan’s port city in the south, has reported many cases of a novel virus. According to Dr. Halar Shaikh, Registrar at Jinnah Hospital, weather variations used to cause a rise in illnesses of all kinds in the city. He went on to say that there is now a greater risk of adenovirus spreading in Karachi.

Symptoms of this virus typically include fever, coughing, flu, and colds. If they take it easy and relax completely, those infected with the virus usually recover in two to three days.

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Dr. Halar emphasized that patients with diabetes, asthma, and the elderly in particular should take preventative measures against this virus because it can afflict people of all ages at any time of year. He cautioned that if safeguards are not taken and protection is lacking, this virus can potentially result in pneumonia.

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Given the current circumstances, Dr. Halar Shaikh recommended taking preventative steps to ward off the infection. In order to stop the illness from spreading, he recommended people to avoid shaking hands. He also urged the populace to abstain from eating outside cuisine during this time of year.

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