4 dengue cases diagnosed in Rawalpindi

ISLAMABAD: There have been four dengue cases documented in the district thus far; during that time, there were two in 2023 and one in 2022.

Dr. Sajjad Mehmood, the District Coordinator for Epidemics Prevention and Control (DCEPC), announced on Thursday that the district government had filed 32 First Information Reports (FIRs), shut 28 buildings, ticketed 70 people, and fined Rs. 102,000 for violating dengue SOPs this year.

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According to Dr. Sajjad, in 2024, teams conducting indoor surveillance examined 974,972 residences and discovered larvae in 1,268 of them. Similarly, he said that during outdoor surveillance, the crew discovered larvae at 182 sites out of 250,611 locations they had checked.

A more vigorous anti-dengue effort is now underway, and the District Health Authority is closely monitoring the dengue situation in the district.

The adoption of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and strict measures have yielded favorable results; since January 1, just four new instances have been reported and confirmed.

Some 1268 homes have tested positive for dengue larvae, according to an analytical report released on Thursday by the District Health Administration’s Dengue Prevent and Control Department. Additionally, 182 spots—other than homes—were discovered with comparable outcomes.

In a brief interview with the state-run news agency, Dr. Sajjad, the focal person for the district health administration, revealed that health teams were conducting surveillance and response operations in four clusters around the district: Jhelum, Attock, Chakwal, and Rawalpindi.

In addition to raising awareness and conducting surveillance, the authorities have penalized those who violated SOPs with multiple fines. The report states that while 28 sites were shut, 32 FIRs were filed against the offenders.

The focal person said that more disciplinary measures will be implemented against those who disregard the established SOPs.

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