Insiders share the strength behind Tom Holland, Zendaya bond

Tom Holland and Zendaya are a power couple in Hollywood and the reason for this, insiders say, is their mutual respect and appreciation for each other.

The pair started dating on the set of the Spider-Man trilogy and soon became one of the favourite couples of Gen-Z.

“They are proud of each other’s successes and totally supportive. This is a plus in their relationship making it equal,” the bird chirped.

“They are each caring toward the other,” the insider told PEOPLE. “It’s not a case where one is caring and the other isn’t so much. They are great people and are there for the good and bad. As busy as they are, this is super important.”

Apart from this, Zendaya expressed fears for the reception of her steamy film.

But, her beau, Tom boosted her confidence by sharing the trailer on social media writing, “You ain’t ready for this one!” in February.

Nonetheless, the Challengers is in theatres now, while the lead actress earlier shared her thoughts on the movie.

“This is my first time leading a film in this way so ya girls been nervous but everyone’s excitement and encouragement has meant the world to me,” the year-old said.

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