Kelly Osbourne and son, Sidney spend quality time together

Kelly Osbourne’s son, Sidney, just attended his first rock concert, channeling his music roots at a very young age.

On Friday, April 26, the proud mom made her son enjoy the genre and shared the video on her official Instagram account for her followers to see.

She took her 16-month-old to his first concert which just happened to be Slipknot’s performance featuring his own dad, Sid Wilson.

In the video, Osbourne filmed Wilson on stage and then panned the camera to Sidney, who could be seen sleeping peacefully during the concert wearing noise-cancelling headphones.

“Baby Sidney’s first concert was @slipknot!!! Being able to raise my son the way that I was raised is so important to me. I was raised on love, music and the road,” Osbourne captioned her post.

She continued, “Getting to give my baby the same grift [sic] means more to mean than I can put into words. Rock music is in his blood! I still can’t believe he slept through most of it!!!”

In February, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Kelly Osbourne got candid about being a mother to Sidney, saying, “Mom life is the absolute best. There was no adjustment period for me because I love it all.”

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