Jennifer Lopez faces new challenge after album failure?

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly not recovering from the drop in her popularity anytime soon.

As fans will know, the 43-year-old multihyphenate’s latest album This Is Me Now… with husband Ben Affleck, failed to impress fans.

In a new chat with Femail, the PR expert Emily M. Auston weighed in on the songstress’ downfall, which allegedly began after she tied the knot with husband Ben Affleck.

The expert even claimed that things have not been in Jennifer Lopez’s favour since the release of Super Bowl documentary, Halftime, in 2022.

Analysing Jennifer’s attitude towards Shakira, Emily pointed out, “Her behaviour seemed uncompromising and whingy, having to share a stage with Shakira,” adding, “Her grievance about it wasn’t expressed eloquently and made her seem unlikable.”

To note here, 2022 is the same year when she married Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband, Ben Affleck.

Later in the chat, the expert declared that “the big challenge with a star like J Lo is staying power.”

Explaining her rationale behind this claim, the PR expert mentioned, “As her fans have grown older with her, she’s not done a good enough job of engaging with new fans and bringing them on the journey with her,” after she moved on to a new topic.

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