Poplar Department Store Announced To Close Its Locations Permanently

We are seeing this way to much lately. Our favorite stores, reportedly closing.
Macy’s announced they will continue to downsize department stores. Will New Jersey’s Macy’s close down?
Macy’s announced that they will be closing another 150 stores. Last year they closed several of their stores around the country, this time could New Jersey stores close to the Jersey Shore be on the list?
In just a couple of months, by the end of 2024. Macy’s announced they’ll be closing another 50 stores.

And then another 100 Macy’s will go out of business by 2026, according to
I was hoping that their first batch of stores was enough for them to get caught up with revenue. I guess not.
Unfortunately, Macy’s CEO says the locations that closed already and the stores that will close at the end of the year and closing because of being “underproductive.” It seems from the word “underproductive” might mean not enough people are actually shopping in the Department Store.
I know you’re hoping that your favorite Macy’s location is not closing in New Jersey. Well, Macy’s did not mention if any of the 50 locations closing at the end of 2024 in New Jersey. It is possible that New Jersey Macy’s might be safe.
The closest Macy’s to us in Toms River at the Ocean County Mall and in Freehold at the Freehold Raceway Mall. New Jersey has more than 20 Macy’s stores around the state. Fingers crossed our Macy’s will not be closing at the end of the year.

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