Thoughts and prayers for Blake Shelton

The next time you see Blake Shelton, you might not recognize him. The 44-year-old country music star recently underwent a major weight loss that was not for aesthetic reasons.

Shelton revealed to his fans that he had recently escaped a significant health crisis after a lot of fans voiced concern about his physical appearance at a virtual concert.

In a Zoom interview, Shelton revealed that in his early phases of isolation, he had developed harmful behaviors such as obsessive overeating, excessive snacking, and excessive drinking.

He gained a lot of weight as a result of his habits, which was worsened by the fact that he couldn’t work or go on tour at the time due to the epidemic.

Finally, the musician suffered a minor heart attack while attempting to complete some housework.

“My lifestyle had become something that was so detrimental to my health,” he revealed in the interview. “It wasn’t until that tightness in my chest that I understood those late-night cheeseburgers and additional beers with my pals were killing me.”

Although it wasn’t a full-fledged heart attack, his way of life was having a bad impact on his health. ” My doctor advised me to lose weight as quickly as possible and permanently in order to avoid further difficulties with my heart.”

After the scare, Shelton knew he needed to take control of his health and make some adjustments. He chose to try the ketogenic diet after consulting with his close friend and colleague The Voice judge, Kelly Clarkson.

The diet requires you to drastically reduce your carbohydrate intake in order for your body to enter ketosis and begin the process of burning fat. Shelton claims that the Keto diet helped him lose weight and that he is now in the best shape of his life as a result.

Shelton is fortunate to have recovered completely from his health scare. In fact, he is in better shape now than he was before his mild heart attack. Many people’s previously good health practices have worsened in the last six months as a result of the outbreak. His story can be a great example for those people.

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