Shelter Dog Overlooked for 210 Days Due to His Intimidating Appearance

Every shelter dog wants a loving home, but regrettably, some are passed over because of false impressions about their appearance. Consider the situation of Biggie, a dog whose “scary” appearance has made it difficult for him to find a permanent home. Pit bull Biggie, who is between three and five years old, is kept at the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter in Branford, Connecticut. His life has been an unpleasant series of setbacks, including long spells of abandonment and being let down by several families. Even after more than 210 days of waiting, prospective adopters avoid Biggie because they found his appearance to be too frightening.

Biggie has a medium energy level, enjoys hikes and vehicle journeys, and is best suited for families with children 14 years of age and older, according to the shelter staff. Biggie has a happy disposition and is quite nice, according to the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter. “He likes going on pack walks with other dogs and is gentle in the cat room.”Unfortunately, many choose to ignore him in favor of a “happy go lucky pit bull” due to his size and the appearance of his ears. The shelter said, “Biggie doesn’t realize he looks intimidating; he simply seeks affection.”

Biggie is obviously upset by the constant rejection. He used to greet guests with excitement, but now days he just lies in bed looking sad. The director of the shelter, Laura Selvaggio Burban, said, “While he enjoys day trips with staff and volunteers, returning to his kennel disheartens him greatly.”

We still have hope that someone would see Biggie’s caring heart underneath his tough demeanor. Please think about contacting Biggie for adoption if you are able to provide him with the devoted home he needs. Tell Biggie’s story and help us find him a family. We can make sure he gets the devoted home he deserves together.

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