Firemen save 8 Labrador pups from drain: Then they realise they’re not dogs at all

Rescuing animals can be challenging and stressful, especially when they find themselves in difficult situations. Firefighters often excel in such situations, showcasing their persistence and precision.

Recently, fire captain Brian Vaughan responded to an urgent call where eight small, black-colored dog pups were found stuck in a drain. Initially believed to be abandoned black Labrador pups, the animals were successfully rescued by the fire brigade. However, upon closer inspection, it was discovered that they were not dogs but foxes.

The litter of foxes, commonly found in the areas surrounding the Rocky Mountains, was taken to the Humane Rescue Organisation after the rescue. Travis Sauder, Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Manager, explained that this time of year sees many animals giving birth in outdoor locations.

The plan is to return the foxes to the pipe in the hope that their mother will return to care for them. Sauder emphasized the importance of calling experts to identify wildlife before attempting any rescue, as good intentions can sometimes have unintended consequences.

Misunderstandings with wildlife are not uncommon, and it’s crucial to involve experts for the well-being of the animals. The hope is that these fox cubs will be reunited with their mother soon. Share if you love animals of all kinds!

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