My Ex Ruined My Day at Work, I Brilliantly Took Revenge on Him the Same Day

Miranda, a hardworking young Mexican woman, faced an immense challenge when her ex tried to humiliate her at her job. Despite the risk of losing her employment, the pain her ex caused pushed her to find a way to make him pay for his actions.

Miranda’s breakup with her ex, Colin, had been a public affair, plunging her into depression. As an immigrant trying to build a life in a new country, she knew she had to keep working to stay afloat. One day, she was late to her job at the restaurant again and had to explain the situation to her boss, Michael, in the kitchen.

“I’m really sorry for being late again, Michael. A lot has been happening… my boyfriend and I broke up, and everyone knows about it,” Miranda said quietly.

“Miranda, what happens in your life is your thing, but it’s a problem for me if it messes with your work. I need you here on time, ready to work. This is your final warning,” Michael said seriously.

Miranda promised to do better, but things got harder when she saw Colin and his new girlfriend, Leslie, at a table in the restaurant. She asked Michael if she could avoid serving them, but he said no, pointing out the need to stay professional.

“We all have tough stuff to deal with, Miranda. We’re short on people, and I need you to do your job, not run away,” Michael said without looking at her.

Miranda had no choice but to serve Colin and Leslie, who were rude and made mean jokes about her background.

“Look who we have here, Miranda, serving tables. I guess people from your background really do find their calling in the service industry, huh?” Colin said nastily.

Miranda managed a strained smile and asked if they were ready to order, hiding her turmoil.

Colin deliberately dropped his fork, forcing Miranda to retrieve it. As she did, Leslie laughed loudly and clapped. “Look at Miranda! She’s good at picking things up!”

Everyone was watching, making Miranda feel even worse. She handed the fork back to Colin with a barely steady hand. “Thanks,” Colin said, but he clearly didn’t mean it. “You’re such a team player.”

Miranda quickly brought their order, hoping they would stop being mean. But Colin complained that the stew wasn’t spicy enough and made a mess by flipping his plate, which spilled all over Miranda’s clothes.

“It’s okay,” she said, trying not to sound upset while she cleaned up. But Leslie kept laughing, and everyone watched her. The eyes on her shattered the confidence and strength Miranda had tried to muster until now.

She could no longer hold back her tears and hid in the kitchen, crying in a corner. Chef Robert found her and offered her a towel.

“Look, I don’t want to interfere in your personal life, but you’re stronger than you think, Miranda. You’ve got a spirit that’s much bigger than the problems you’re facing,” he said.

Miranda sniffled, knowing she really needed someone to talk to, so she opened up to Chef Robert. She told him about her early days with Colin and the time that ruined everything for her when Colin pressured her to go to a party, which led to her neglecting her studies.

Miranda, Colin, and Leslie were college mates. Miranda had initially resisted going to the party, but Colin convinced her to take a night off from studying. Her roommate Leslie also encouraged her to go, assuring her it wouldn’t harm her studies.

Feeling a bit more confident, Miranda accepted Colin’s invitation and called him. “I’ll be there, Colin. This night is important to you, so it’s important to me too,” she said.

That night, when Miranda walked into the loud club, she felt out of place. Colin handed her a drink, and as the alcohol kicked in, she forgot her worries, enjoying the music and dancing.

The next morning, Miranda woke up in a strange place, her clothes all over the floor. She was scared to find herself undressed, around other girls and boys, also barely dressed. She quickly called a taxi to return to her dorm, worried about what others would think.

At college, everyone whispered and looked at her. Miranda was devastated when the dean called her, upset about embarrassing videos and photos, and mentioned that she would be expelled.

Miranda found Colin with Leslie, laughing meanly. “Look who’s here,” Colin sneered. “Came running back to me, Miranda? Thought I could fix your little problem?”

Leslie added, “Oh, Miranda, did you really think Colin was interested in you? It was all a bet. Two weeks to get you to play the fool.”

Feeling hurt and alone, Miranda felt a spark of determination to overcome this.

After sharing her past with Chef Robert, Miranda decided she wanted revenge. “Robert, can you help me? Make their food super spicy, just once?” she asked.

Robert was unsure, worrying about the restaurant’s image, but Miranda was firm. “I really need this,” she said. “Please, do this for once?”

Miranda mixed up a spicy sauce, not thinking about the consequences. She was just focused on getting even. “Use this,” she said, giving Robert a sauce-soaked napkin.

When Colin and Leslie got their food, Leslie mocked her again. “This is spicy? This is what you called a SPICY Mexican stew?” she sneered.

Colin wiped his mouth with the napkin and was hit by the strong spice. His skin flared red, and he gasped for breath.

Leslie urged him to breathe, but people at the restaurant laughed. Embarrassed, she blurted out, “This is unbearable! We’re finished!” and quickly left.

Miranda observed quietly, a hint of a smile on her face. Colin loudly demanded that Miranda lose her job, claiming she ‘messed with his dish.’ Michael stepped in with a cool head, tried the stew, and declared, “This dish is perfectly fine, sir. There’s nothing wrong with it,” discreetly concealing the spicy napkin.

“Also, Miranda’s been with us for a long time. She wouldn’t mess up a meal on purpose,” Michael said, taking Miranda’s side. Miranda exchanged a silent look of gratitude with her boss.

Michael gave Colin some friendly advice. “You know, Colin, sometimes the heat comes not from the food but from how we act towards others. Maybe think about that, okay?”

Colin was speechless, and Miranda felt a wave of satisfaction. She had found a smart and strong way to stand up for herself and witnessed how empathy and understanding united people.

Michael’s choice to stand up for her and teach Colin about humility showed her that even in tough times, there are friends all around.

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