Rather than offering an apology my self-centered mother-in-law devoured my meal and posted about it on Facebook

A lady would prepare dinner for her husband, kids, and mother-in-law, then set aside some for herself while she took care of errands. The food she had stored was vanished by the time she came back to eat.

When her mother-in-law served the entire family dinner, a lady came to Reddit to ask if she was being unreasonable in her response. The incident shocked her.

She added that, unless it was a large gathering, her family would dine in the lounge, allowing her to dish out and serve everyone’s piece. The woman mentioned that her mother-in-law was at her house for supper.

The woman made it clear that she had no trouble plating and delivering everyone’s food. She had prepared mashed potatoes, handmade bread, broccoli, and gravy for her family, along with Swedish meatballs. But she was disturbed by what transpired next.

How Did the Mother-In-Law of the Woman Act?

The woman stepped outside to take care of some clothes she had been hanging out on earlier after serving her family dinner, leaving her share in the kitchen. Then she went back to get her dinner in the kitchen.

The woman generously plated more food than she anticipated her family would ever be able to consume. But the supper she had prepared for herself was gone when she got back to the kitchen. She revealed:

“My mother-in-law speaks up and says she wants some more food when I ask if anyone knows what happened to the food on the bench.”

The woman saw her mother-in-law’s plate was heaped with meatballs after her mother-in-law informed her what had transpired. The lady believed her mother-in-law had served her more food than she could have consumed.

The lady was astonished, but she also worried that maybe she hadn’t prepared enough food for her mother-in-law. Because of this, she went out for fast food later that evening, figuring that her mom could have been “super hungry.” The subsequent acts of her mother-in-law, however, startled her.

What Followed?

The woman was displeased with what transpired when her mother-in-law took her piece of food, but she was cool with it. After her mother-in-law had had her share, she requested a container so she could take the leftovers home for supper the next evening.

She informed her mother-in-law that the food left over was intended for her meal that evening, not for her to take home and eat with her the following evening, much to her annoyance.

The woman’s mother-in-law informed her that she may keep the leftover food after hearing this. The woman rejected, offering her mother-in-law a container to take the food home and explained that she didn’t want to eat her leftover meal.

The woman’s spouse subsequently enquired as to her condition. She clarified that she was angry because she had prepared the food, was hungry, and was not able to consume it. In agreement, the woman’s husband texted his mother to inform her that she had crossed a boundary and to request an apology.

The lady’s mother, however, refused to apologize, claiming the woman had been impolite and that she ought to have prepared more food in advance in case her mother-in-law wanted to take some home.

After sharing the tale on social media, the mother-in-law received backlash from people who thought the woman was rude and imprudent for not preparing enough food for her mother-in-law to take home. Says she:

“I should also mention that I’m pregnant right now, and I feel like my hormones sometimes make me pretty unreasonable.”

Her query received a resounding response, with many online users informing her that she wasn’t being unreasonable in the slightest for wanting to be able to consume the food she had prepared. Many defended her, claiming that her mother-in-law was impolite for anticipating leftovers.

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