Girl Pretends to Sleep & Hears Sister & Brother-In-Law Whispering, Later She Runs to Tell Parents What She Heard

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard her 18-year-old sister flirt with their elder sister’s husband. They continued flirting with each other after assuming she had fallen asleep.

She could hear her brother-in-law telling her older sister how beautiful the sister was, but she kept her body still because she didn’t want to alert them.

The woman felt terrible after knowing her brother-in-law was cheating on her other sister. She turned to Reddit for advice because she had no idea what to do next.

Before sharing what she heard, the 14-year-old confessed she never knew the “right way” to react to things and often got into trouble because of her responses.

Initially, she planned to talk about the incident with her friends, but she was on vacation with her family in a place without network coverage. The lake house only had a computer connected to the internet, so she used it to seek advice from other Redditors.

She had two older sisters, Abby, 18, and Claire, 24, and was on vacation with her parents and Claire’s husband, John, 32. She shared that Claire went to bed early the night before because she wasn’t feeling well.

After her parents went to bed, OP (Original Poster), Abby, and John sat in the living room. OP was relaxing on the recliner while the others sat on the sofa.

Frantic with worry, the girl wrote a Reddit post and asked people on the internet for advice on what to do next.
Her eyes were closed, but she could hear Abby and John whispering to each other. She overheard John telling Abby how beautiful she was, and then he started flirting with her.

A few minutes later, they left the living room. OP was horrified to know that John was cheating on Claire. She badly wanted to tell Clare about it but couldn’t muster the courage after thinking about the consequences. She explained:

“I’m worried she’ll just call me a liar and then everyone will get mad at me.”

Frantic with worry, the girl wrote a Reddit post and asked people on the internet for advice on what to do next. She apologized to everyone for not being able to make the decision herself. Another Redditor replied:

“Gather up your family and tell them what happened. All of them, and explain what happened.”

OP read the comment and asked the Redditor if she should also tell Abby and John about it, to which the Redditor responded that she should include them in the conversation. OP replied:

“Idk how my parents will react to this I hope they’d protect me.”

A few days later, another post by OP surfaced on Reddit, where she revealed what happened after the incident. She told her parents and Claire about the other night’s events and later felt guilty about ruining the vacation.

After her parents confronted Abby and John, they discovered they had slept together. As a result, OP’s mother threw Abby’s belongings out of the house and asked her to leave immediately. Meanwhile, Claire blew up on John, and he yelled back at her.

He also nearly got into a fistfight with OP’s father, after which he left the lake house. OP felt guilty for ruining the vacation but was glad her sister discovered the truth. She thanked other Redditors for their advice on her original post.

One user was shocked to read that the affair went on for a while. The Redditor asked OP to call the police, to which she replied:

“John is a cop.”

Meanwhile, a second user asked OP to talk to her parents about Abby. The Redditor believed Abby needed therapy because a grown-up man had manipulated her into sleeping with him.

Another user appreciated OP for raising her voice against injustice and telling everyone the truth. The Redditor asked her never to change. The Redditor who proposed that the cops be called also replied:

“Idc if he is the police you still should call the police.”

Most Redditors were shocked after knowing that a 32-year-old man had manipulated an 18-year-old girl. They sympathized with OP’s sister and urged OP to ask her parents to bring Abby back.

Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP’s parents shouldn’t have kicked Abby out of the house?

Most Redditors felt that OP’s parents made a mistake by kicking Abby out of the house. They considered her a victim of John’s manipulation and thought she needed therapy. Do you think they should bring her back?

Do you think being a policeman made it easy for John to convince Abby to sleep with him?

John was an authoritative figure in the family because he was a policeman. Most Redditors felt Abby fell into his trap because of this. Do you agree? Here are more comments, opinions, and suggestions from Redditors on this issue:

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