I Took My Boyfriend to Meet My Parents — When My Father Saw Him He Immediately Called the Cops

A visit to my parents’ house with my boyfriend, Lewis, was supposed to be joyful but quickly spiraled into chaos, revealing layers of deception and a hidden past.

Meeting Lewis felt like a movie. He tripped in a café, spilling coffee on my notes. Embarrassed, he offered to buy me another drink. “I’m Jianna,” I said, chuckling. “I’m Lewis. Nice to meet you,” he replied.

Lewis, a charming mechanic, had an easy smile. Despite his modest background, he always made time for me. Three months in, I suggested meeting my parents, but he always had an excuse. “Maybe next week,” he would say, wiping grease off his hands.

Eventually, Lewis agreed to meet them. My parents, thrilled, prepared a feast. As we pulled into the driveway, I felt nervous. “Relax, Jia. It’ll be fine,” Lewis assured.

My parents greeted him warmly, and my dad offered a tour of the house. In the basement, my dad’s demeanor changed. He locked Lewis in and called the cops. “This man is dangerous,” he said.

I was in disbelief as my dad explained Lewis was a conman. Lewis escaped through a window, but the cops tracked him using his fitness bracelet. He was caught at a motel.

Back home, my dad comforted me. The truth about Lewis, whose real name was Andrew, emerged. He was charged with multiple counts of fraud. Though devastated, I began to heal, grateful for my family’s love and protection.

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