My MIL Went on My Honeymoon to Make My Life Hell — I Didn’t Want to Put up with It & Planned the Perfect Payback

My story is about learning to set boundaries, respect, and so much more. What started off as a trip for a loving couple ended up being a strained vacation which included my troublesome mother-in-law. Luckily, I had a plan that helped remedy my problem.
What was meant to be a romantic getaway for me and my new husband turned into a nightmare very quickly when an unexpected guest joined us. Let me backtrack a bit and explain how all this happened.

My husband, Mike, and I were getting ready to go on our honeymoon. We had planned this trip for months, and I was buzzing with excitement! As we got into the car to head to the airport, Mike casually mentioned that we needed to stop by his mother’s place first.
“Why?” I asked, puzzled. “Because she’s coming with us.” I was confused and asked, “What?” Sighing, he explained, “She’s never been on a vacation or traveled abroad in her entire life, so it’s only fair she goes with us.”

To say I was stunned would be an understatement! “When were you planning to tell me this? And what about our previous reservations?” I asked, trying to keep my voice calm. “I changed the reservations and tickets a while ago,” he informed me.
“The truth is she insisted on it, and I thought you wouldn’t mind since you’re such a kind person.” That statement took me from confused to LIVID! I was furious that he had decided everything without me and had changed our bookings.

Just the idea of being away on the islands with my mother-in-law (MIL) for two weeks sounded like hell! I was so torn that I even considered canceling everything! But then a BRILLIANT IDEA STRUCK ME! When we got to my MIL’s place, my husband went out to fetch her.
While Mike was loading his mother’s luggage into our car, I made a quick phone call. “Mom, hi. I have a bit of a problem,” I began. “What happened, dear?” Her voice sounded concerned. “My MIL made Mike take her with us on our honeymoon.”

“What?! Oh no, Elle!” my mother exclaimed in shock and instant disappointment. “She’s coming with us to the islands, and I have no idea how I’m going to handle it. Could you and Dad join us? I’ll book your tickets.” Concerned, she asked, “How did that happen?”
“I can’t get into details now, Mom. I need to act quickly.” Mom immediately grasped the situation and replied with understanding, “Of course, dear. Your father and I would be happy to come! Let us know where you’ll be staying, and we’ll arrange everything.”

I booked their tickets online without wasting any time and shared all the details with Mom. She promised to do everything possible to ensure I could enjoy my time with Mike without worrying about my busybody of a MIL.
When we arrived at the islands, the nightmare began immediately. Linda followed us EVERYWHERE! She was CONSTANTLY complaining and demanding her son’s attention. We couldn’t get a break or any alone time with her around.

“Mike, bring me a towel. Mike, order me a cocktail. Mike, help me choose souvenirs.” Her incessant requests were ENDLESS! It felt as if she were his wife, not me. Instead, I felt like I was some sort of servant.
The first two days were a disaster! Linda ensured that she was the center of attention. And every romantic moment I had envisioned was quickly ruined. She criticized the hotel, the food, and EVEN the weather!

Mike, caught between his mother and me, tried to keep the peace. But he ended up spending MOST of his time catering to her whims. On the second night, we decided to have a special dinner by the beach. Just as I thought we were about to enjoy a moment alone, Linda INSISTED on joining us.
She spent the entire meal complaining about the sand and the mosquitoes, leaving me seething with frustration! At one point, she even managed to spill her drink all over MY dress! Instead of apologizing, she laughed it off!

“Oh dear, I’m so clumsy. Mike, can you get her another drink?” was her response to the disaster. I could see the strain on my husband’s face as he tried to juggle his mother’s demands with my growing frustration.
The romantic beachside dinner turned into another exercise in patience. The next morning, Linda decided that she wanted to go snorkeling. This was a plan Mike and I had initially made for ourselves. “It’s not safe for you to go alone,” she insisted. “Mike, you should come with me.”

I had reached my breaking point. I needed an ally, someone who would understand my predicament and help me reclaim my honeymoon. Thankfully, two days later, my parents arrived. My mother, Diane, and my father, Jack, played the perfect loving couple!
Their gestures were romantic with movie-like kisses, driving Linda CRAZY with jealousy! See, my MIL had left her husband at home and came on vacation alone. So she was stuck being exposed to my mom and dad who looked like happy, affectionate old lovebirds.

They laid the affection thick, holding hands, whispering sweet nothings, and kissing frequently. This made Linda’s jealousy palpable! I was honestly shocked as I’d never seen my parents act like that before. But they seemed to be enjoying themselves, so I didn’t mind.
“I’ve never seen such an old loving couple,” Linda grumbled as we all had dinner together. “All those hugs and kisses… it’s just ridiculous.”
“We’re enjoying life,” Mom replied with a smile. “What else is there to do in such a wonderful place?”

Linda’s jealousy reached new heights when Mom and Dad joined us for breakfast the next day. They fed each other bites of fruit and laughed over shared memories. My MIL could barely contain her irritation.
“Jack, do you remember our trip to Paris?” Mom asked, her eyes twinkling. “That little café by the Seine?”
“Oh, how could I forget? The croissants were divine, but your company was even better,” Dad replied, kissing her hand.

Linda rolled her eyes and muttered something under her breath. I couldn’t help but smirk, feeling a small sense of victory. With my MIL preoccupied with my parents, Mike and I finally had a few romantic moments.
One evening, as we strolled along the beach, he stopped and looked into my eyes. “I’m sorry, my love,” he said quietly. “I realize now it wasn’t fair to you. My mom shouldn’t have come with us.” I sighed and took his hand. “The important thing is that we’re here together.”

“And we’ll find a way to enjoy this honeymoon, even with your mom around.” Returning to our hotel, we saw Mom and Dad playing cards with Linda. They laughed and joked as if they were old friends. “How were your walks?” Mom asked, noticing us.
“Wonderful,” Mike replied, hugging me. “We found a cozy spot for dinner tomorrow. Maybe we could go just the two of us?” he asked. “Of course,” Mom winked. “We’ll stay here and take care of Clarissa.”

The next day, Mike and I finally had a proper romantic evening. We sat on the beach, watched the sunset, and shared dreams about our future. “You know,” he said, holding my hand, “I never thought a honeymoon could be so… eventful. But I’m glad we’re here together.”
“Me too,” I replied, smiling. “And I’m grateful to my parents for coming. Perhaps we can find more time for the two of us.” Mike said he’d love that and we shared a warm and loving kiss.

When we returned to the hotel, we saw my MIL saying goodnight to my parents. “It was a lovely evening,” she said to them reluctantly. “Thank you for the company.” My parents smiled and winked at me. They knew they were making our vacation better.
This honeymoon tested us, but we emerged stronger. And I was grateful to my parents for their support and love. In the end, what was supposed to be a nightmare turned into a memorable experience, thanks to my parents.

It taught Mike and me the importance of communication and setting boundaries. It showed Linda that her son’s happiness depended on his marriage, not her whims. A few weeks after we returned home, Mike and I sat down with Linda.
Gently but firmly, we set some new ground rules for our relationship. Surprisingly, she agreed, perhaps realizing that her son’s happiness was at stake. “Thank you for understanding, Mom,” Mike said, hugging her. “We love you, but we also need our space.”

“Of course, dear,” Linda replied, a hint of sadness in her eyes. “I just want you both to be happy.” And with that, we began to rebuild our lives, stronger and more united than ever.
Elle managed to put her MIL in her place nicely. In the following tale, Barbara thought she would get into her MIL’s good graces by throwing her a surprise birthday party. Instead, the older woman thanked her by bringing her to tears and making her run away from her own party.

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