Husband Begs for Pardon on His Knees After Several Months After Leaving His Wife of Nearly 50 Years

A “savage” wife, having left her for a passionate affair with a young brunette, disciplined her husband severely.

“Divorce? Tell me you’re not serious, John! What exactly did you say? Do you want a just portion? When her husband declared he was “tired” of his boring existence and wanted to enjoy it as a free man, Nicky erupted, swaying uncomfortably in her chair.

John grinned. “Oh, Nicky! It’s not as though you were blind to it. Come on. We both understand that our relationship is over. I don’t want to mope around with you for the rest of my life. My goal is to survive. similar to a free guy. And I’ll locate someone who isn’t a dead goat like you—someone who is stunning and lovely! That’s right, I’m divorcing you.

And you expect me to bail you out so quickly? John, you wish!” Nicky growled. “Don’t you want to live as free a guy as possible? Guess what, though? You won’t receive even a small portion of the divorce—I won’t sign the divorce papers!”

“That’s not possible, Nicky! I will push you till you feel pressured to sign the documents if you don’t want to!”

Nicky chuckled. Johnny is very unfortunate! How are you going to respond? Take a mistress with you? Those young females with whom you have been teasing? John, they won’t cook and clean for you the way I did! I nursed you for forty-seven goddamn years! While you went out with friends, drank beer, and slept on the couch in the living room after work, I raised our children by myself. And you believe you’ll get away with it? Never!

There is no escaping karma.

John hesitated and glanced at his wristwatch. “Well then.” “I don’t believe I have a choice. In an hour, I’m heading to Mexico for a trip. And it means I’ll be gone for half a year. We had almost all of our funds in our joint account when I finished all of the bookings.

“Let’s see if you would gladly divorce me or if you would still beg for money from me as you struggle to make ends meet. After all, in the event that she ran out of money, what would a stay-at-home wife like you do? “Have fun, honey,” he murmured, making fun of her. “I’m excited for my trip to Mexico!”

How come? How in the world did you manage to…John, that also had my savings! How dare you use it without talking to me about it?

“I knew that you, Nicky, would stir up trouble over a divorce. That’s how I had it planned, then.

John then proceeded to their bedroom, packed his belongings, and left their home, leaving Nicky’s divorce documents behind. “Sign it right away if you don’t want to bear the repercussions of your choice. If not, life will only be horrible for you from here on,” he said before turning to walk away.

Nicky watched John go, sobbing uncontrollably. Granted, John hadn’t been the most ideal partner, but she hadn’t realized until lately that he was having sex with far younger women who were simply interested in a casual night out. So he attempted to obtain a divorce and get rid of her.

Nicky, though, was against the divorce. With their son and daughter gone, she was left with just John. Thus, she remained silent even after learning of his adultery in the hopes that things would get better. Sadly, this did not happen. At last, John told her he wanted a divorce. However, she had already decided that she would not forgive him. John, not this time! It’s not going to get away from you!

After three months.

The doorbell rang when Nicky was sitting in the living room, eating chocolate chip cookies, drinking raspberry tea, and constantly checking her watch. When she spotted John at the threshold, her mouth fell open. “Why are you in this place? You should be in Mexico, right?

“Oh, Nicky! “I apologize, I sincerely apologize for what I did,” he knelt down and pleaded. “Pardon me, please. I made a mistake by leaving you. It wasn’t right of me to do that.

Nicky was taken aback. “John, what’s wrong?” Alright, please relax. Alright, how about we get inside to talk?

“Oh, Nicky! How even should I begin? After they had settled down, he said, “I met this little girl, Maddison.” She seemed to love me, and she was really beautiful. Together, we traveled to Mexico for two months.However, she was a liar! She took advantage of me! She stole everything, even my money! Together, we were residing in her little Mexican apartment. She insisted that I take care of everything for her, even cleaning and cooking. I even helped look after her two kids since I thought she loved me. However, each evening… “He cleared his throat.

We never shared a bed since she would always come up with a reason to exit the room when her kids entered. She pretended to be engaged to me, but it was all a lie since she was only interested in the money.

“Oh, my!” Nicky let out a gasp. That is awful, horrible, awful.You are aware of this. The doorbell rang just as she was about to finish speaking.

John, give me a moment. Nicky turned to face the door and said, “Let me see who’s there.”

Who is present, Nicky?.. Why are you in this place? When John saw Maddison on their doorstep, he was shocked. “Nicky! She is the one! It was she who defrauded me!

After exchanging eyes, the two women started giggling.

“Okay, John! I am fully informed. Meet Mandy, or Maddison, as you put it. Her mother is a friend of mine. a mother of two who is unmarried and assisted me in gathering proof against my unfaithful spouse! John, I’d told you before that you would regret it! I used Facebook to locate your hotel and gave Maddison a call to ask for assistance. I’m delighted you fell for this ruse, honey, since it was all a trap!

“What?” John lost it. “You intentionally did all of this? Nicky, you’ll regret it! You definitely will!

“No, John,” said Nicky. This time, the one who loses will be you. Gather your belongings and head out of my place right away! Yes, you jerk, I am divorcing you! And I’ll make sure you don’t receive a single penny! Thus, stand up and depart! PLEASE LEAVE MY HOUSE NOW!

After gathering his belongings, John walked out of the house while mumbling something incoherent to Nicky. She expressed her gratitude to Mandy for her assistance, and the two ladies laughed at how nicely their plan had worked out while sipping on a cup of delectable raspberry tea on that cool morning.

After learning of the events, John and Nicky’s children adopted their mother’s side and made fun of their father for lowering himself to such an extent. A few months later, John and Nicky were divorced.

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