My Husband & In-Laws Expected Me to Pay for Everyone’s NYE Dinner out of Money I Inherited from My Mom

A woman’s in-laws and her husband expected her to pay for everyone’s New Year’s Eve dinner after receiving ample money from her inheritance. Frustrated, she quietly paid for her meal and left the restaurant.

In a marriage, financial disagreements are the most common reasons for arguments. Sadly, many couples are sensitive to money, especially when in-laws are involved in the discussion.

A 32-year-old woman experienced this during New Year’s Eve and walked out of her family dinner with her in-laws. She later sought advice from the Reddit community to get opinions on her decision to leave.

Receiving Inheritance from Her Mom
When her mother passed away, the woman received a substantial inheritance. She did not want to squander the money, so she kept it in a separate account while deciding what to do.

Her inheritance money was no secret, and her husband constantly discussed it. He would suggest various ways to spend the money and expected her to use her money to pay for several things since the money came to her.

The issue about her inheritance money worsened on New Year’s Eve as she celebrated with her husband and his side of the family. The evening went well until the woman learned she was expected to pay for everyone’s tab.

The Woman’s In-Law’s Wanted Her to Pay For Their Food
At the table, the woman’s mother-in-law joked about her daughter-in-law paying for their meal out of her “inheritance pocket.” The snide remark angered the woman, but she did not react and kept her emotions to herself.

However, she did not do as everyone expected. Instead, she quietly paid for her food and drinks, stood up, and left the restaurant. Everyone asked for her to return, including her husband, who tried to stop her from going. Despite the efforts, the woman was mad and drove home.

In the wee hours of the morning, her husband came home and started yelling at her about how she treated his family. She narrated:

“He got back at 3 a.m yelling at me saying I was pathetic to get up and walk out on him and his family after they relied on me to pay for their food and thought I was gracious enough to do it BUT they were wrong.”

Her husband also accused her of humiliating his family and called the woman’s decision a way of getting back at them for not helping her sick mom in the past. However, the woman denied his claim. Her husband also blamed her for causing a rift with his side of the family instead of just paying for dinner.

Reddit Users Side with the Woman
Several Reddit users shared their thoughts on the woman’s situation and offered advice on how she should keep her inheritance money.

One person advised her to seek help from a lawyer to put the money in a trust that her husband and his family cannot touch in case of divorce. Another person said:

“In many places, it only becomes a marital asset if you decide to share, so by picking up the tab from the investment account, that could have set the precedence.”

Many other people from the Reddit community called out the woman’s husband and in-laws’ behavior, claiming they seemed only interested in her inheritance, thinking they have a share in it.

One person suggested that the woman talk to her husband about the inheritance money and say she would much rather have her mom around than the money. “His family trying to blindside you into spending it on them is disgusting,” the person added. Others also mentioned the possibility of divorcing the husband.

Was the woman right to refuse to pay for her husband’s parents and abandon his side of the family at the restaurant? What would you have done if you were in the woman’s place?

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