Meghan Markle Receives New Nigerian Name

Intrigue and debate followed Meghan Markle’s Nigerian visit. From embracing a new name to her choice of dresses, her every move sparked conversations. Heritage, fashion, and the expectations of public figures were all on the table.

Meghan Markle recently penned a heartfelt letter to a Nigerian Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi. She expressed gratitude for her new name and for Oba’s hospitality and warm reception during her and her husband, Prince Harry’s three-day working visit to Nigeria in May 2024.

Meghan conveyed in her personal letter how “deeply humbled” she was by the traditional Yoruba name bestowed upon her. “Thank you for your warm welcome to Nigeria. I’m deeply humbled by your blessing of the traditional Yoruba name, Adetokunbo,” wrote the Duchess of Sussex.

She acknowledged the Yoruba name “Adetokunbo” given to her by His Majesty, adding, “I treasure the name and appreciate your trust in me to carry it with grace and dignity.” In her letter, Meghan also emphasized the significance of the visit for her and her family.

She also highlighted how it allowed her to explore and understand her heritage, which she noted was important for her children. “We look forward to coming back home one day soon,” she concluded, signaling her eagerness for a future return.

According to a statement by the Press Secretary to the monarch, Meghan and Prince Harry visited Nigeria in May this year. During their stay, the paramount rule was invited as the only Yoruba Oba to provide a royal reception.

In addition to the name, Oba Akanbi also presented her with several gifts, including Royal beads. During the trip, Meghan opened up about her Nigerian heritage. She revealed that she had conducted a genealogy test which showed she had Nigerian ancestry.

She shared that upon discovering this, she immediately called her mom to see if she had any idea about their family’s Nigerian roots. Meghan also joined women leaders to discuss the importance of mentorship for young women and the career challenges.

Besides her new moniker, the Duchess of Sussex, who has made headlines in recent years, also stirred controversy with her choice of attire during their Nigerian tour.

Meghan’s dress code during the tour caught both public and media attention. Her fashion choices throughout the visit sparked a series of controversies and debates on social media and became a focal point of discussion.

Each of the five shoulder-baring dresses she wore showcased her personal style. They also ignited conversations about appropriateness, cultural sensitivity, and the expectations placed on public figures while abroad. The first dress she wore at a school visit, a gown with a backless design and tiered skirt, garnered mixed reactions from netizens.

Some, who noticed the revealing style criticized her for wearing what they deemed inappropriate attire for a children’s event at a school. Many noted her outfit was more suited for a cocktail party than a visit to an educational institution.

“Lady, you are not at a cocktail party. This is a children’s school,” one person wrote with another noting “Who dresses in a backless dress to a school visit yessss a yacht girl .”

“Sleeveless and backless slinky dress to a school visit where modesty is expected. A country with half the population Muslim and she rocks up half naked flesh exposed. Seriously.” another disappointed fan wrote.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attend a sitting volleyball match for the charity, Nigeria Unconquered, in Abuja, Nigeria on May 11, 2024 | Source: Getty Images
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attend a sitting volleyball match for the charity, Nigeria Unconquered, in Abuja, Nigeria on May 11, 2024 | Source: Getty Images

Meghan wore her second dress during a more casual outing. The dress, noted for its structured design and palm tree leaf patterns, featured a long front slit, which again sparked reactions from fans.

Comments such as “Megan looks extremely skinny” and “Crazy skinny,” flocked the internet. While others expressed admiration, “Love [her] dress but she lost too much weight,” someone wrote.

For her third look, the Duchess of Sussex opted for a white strapless tube dress at a formal event. This choice was met with harsh criticism, as some netizens claimed it was disrespectful to their culture. “Disrespectful wardrobe for the culture” and “She is too old to keep showing off her shoulders & back” were some of the comments.

Meghan’s fourth outfit was a red midi dress with a ruffled bottom during a women in leadership event in Abuja, Nigeria. The Duchess of Sussex also received backlash concerning her outfit. One person wrote, “Dressed inappropriately” while another added, “Put some clothes on miss.”

Another disappointed netizen penned, “She still hasn’t learned to wear a shaper under her clingy clothes. You can see her underwear lines!!

Finally, at a state dinner, Meghan wore her fifth dress, a Carolina Herrera silk overlay column gown. The gown received positive feedback, with people noting that it was appropriate and sophisticated.

Despite the mixed reactions to her wardrobe, Meghan’s visit to Nigeria was undeniably impactful. She highlighted important issues such as mentorship for young women. And also, explored and embraced her heritage.

As the Duchess of Sussex continues navigating her role on the global stage, her choices—both in fashion and advocacy—remain a topic of interest and discussion.

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