My MIL Ruined My Wedding Dress during the Ceremony, but Karma Hit Her Back Immediately

My mother-in-law (MIL) did everything she could to separate me and my husband, Josh, because she didn’t approve of me. On our wedding day, she pulled a stunt I couldn’t forgive, and karma quickly came for her in unexpected ways.

Josh and I have been together for five years, but his mother, Samantha, always disapproved of me because I come from an ordinary family. Her disapproval started with small slights but escalated when Josh was about to propose. She faked a heart attack to ruin our engagement, but we saw through her trick and had a beautiful engagement.

Leading up to the wedding, Samantha tried to sabotage everything. She criticized my dress, complained about the venue, and even tried to convince Josh to call off the wedding. She crashed my bridal shower, accusing me of being a gold-digger.

On our wedding day, Samantha interrupted our vows and splashed red paint on my dress. Josh was furious and demanded she leave. Though the ceremony continued, the mood was ruined. We skipped the reception and went straight to our honeymoon suite.

Weeks later, I orchestrated a little karma. I arranged for a truckload of manure to be delivered to Samantha’s lawn before her grand gala. The smell was unbearable, and guests left in disgust. Samantha’s reputation took a hit, and she faced a fine for improper manure disposal.

We took a delayed honeymoon and returned to find Samantha shocked by a mural of a red dress on our garage, symbolizing our resilience. We then held a family intervention, making Samantha realize the impact of her actions. She apologized and promised to change. Since then, Samantha has made efforts to mend our relationship, proving that sometimes, karma just needs a little nudge.

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