Famous TV Star Passed Away At 90 Sadly

Everybody Loves Raymond was such a hit that it’s hard to believe that it ever ended. Of course, a show can’t last forever, but fans still wonder why the 1990s sitcom was canceled. While some Everybody Loves Raymond episodes make people pause today, the show is still so beloved because of the prickly, funny, and unique characters. That includes Marie Barone, Ray and Robert Barone’s mom who can’t help but meddle in their business.

Doris Roberts played Marie throughout the entire runtime of Everybody Loves Raymond and fans couldn’t imagine a better actor for the role. She sadly passed away at the age of 90. Roberts was dealing with a health problem before her death. Here’s what was going on.
Doris Roberts was one of the wealthiest Everybody Loves Raymond cast members and appeared in 210 episodes. She won four Emmy Supporting Actress Emmy Awards for Everybody Loves Raymond and received seven nominations, which is very impressive. She starred in a few popular movies, like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. But it was her TV work that people paid attention to the most. Besides Raymond, she starred in the TV shows Remington Steele, Angie, and Dream On.

The Daily Mail reported that Roberts had a stroke and passed away. She had pulmonary hypertension, but she didn’t seem to talk much about her health.

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