Award Winner Popular Actress Passed Away At 98

Gudrun Ure, who starred in popular children’s show Super Gran, has died aged 98.

Born in the Campsie area on March 12, 1926, Ure portrayed a gran with superpowers in the ITV series that ran for two years from 1985.

The show won an International Emmy award in the Children and Young People category.

The actor also appeared in stage productions and other TV shows, including Casualty and a stage show in 1951 of Othello directed by Hollywood icon Orson Welles.

She died at her home in London, her niece Kate McNeill confirmed on Tuesday evening.
In a statement, Ms McNeill said: “She had a very memorable voice.

“I remember my husband was watching Casualty one night, and I went ‘that’s Gudrun’ as soon as I heard the voice.”

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