My Wife Volunteered Me to Help Her Family Move While She Went to a Hockey Game with Her Friend – I Taught Her a Lesson

My wife thought she was clever when she offered my services to help her brother move. At the same time, she planned on going out to have fun with our son. When I unraveled the truth, I got the upper hand and she was the one left with egg on her face! That day she learned not to take advantage of my good heart.

A couple of months ago, my wife’s younger brother, Bill, and his girlfriend, Sandra, were planning to move into an apartment together. But, there was a bit of a logistical issue. Bill’s current studio apartment didn’t have enough space for his girlfriend’s belongings.

They needed help moving since Sandra’s lease was ending before they could move in together. So, they decided to store her things temporarily. My brother-in-law (BIL) asked if we could help move everything to a storage unit.

Initially, my wife, Geraldine, agreed. But volunteered ME to help without my consent. She planned that she would stay at home with our four-year-old son, Justin. But, a few weeks before the move, I asked Geraldine if her mother couldn’t look after Justin so she could assist me and my BIL.

My wife reluctantly agreed and called her mother. “Mom, could you please come watch Justin for a few hours when we go help Bill move?” Since I couldn’t hear what was being said on the other end, Geraldine had to relay the message to me.

Her mother agreed, saying she loved spending some quality time with her “delightful grandson.” Yet, days before the move, my MIL called Geraldine. My wife said my MIL hated doing this to us but came down with what feels like a cold.

That meant she wouldn’t be able to babysit little Justin as planned. This new information threw a spanner in the works for Geraldine and me. We knew we couldn’t take our son with us on the day of the move because he’d just get in the way.

So Geraldine said she asked a friend, who also had a child the same age if she wouldn’t mind babysitting. She never gave me any feedback, so I assumed the friend had agreed and all was set for the big day.

But, on the morning of the move, my wife decided to drop a bombshell on me as I was preparing to leave. “The same friend who I asked to babysit Justin got last-minute suite tickets to a playoff hockey game and invited me and our son.”

I was SO angry and frustrated at her and expressed my displeasure. But not wanting to let my BIL down, I agreed to handle the move alone. Yet, all that kept playing in my head as I drove off after they’d left was:

“I’m missing his first big sporting event!”

I kept getting notifications from my wife. She was sending photos and video footage of the game to our family group chat! I was very upset and quite jealous because they seemed like they were having a great time.

On my way to help Bill, being the person I am, I decided to check on my MIL since I hadn’t seen her since she was too sick to babysit. But when I entered her house, I turned RED. To my surprise, I saw her looking healthy and in great spirits!

Instead, she was wondering why we hadn’t asked her to watch her grandson in weeks. “I miss the little cute guy and his hilarious stories. You two are depriving me at this point!” It turned out she was never ill—my wife had never asked her to babysit.

Without getting into the details much, “I’m sorry, Mom, we’ll make it up to you, I promise.” It seemed the hockey tickets weren’t last-minute. Geraldine had known about them for WEEKS and chose the game over helping her brother move!

Furious but still committed to keeping my promise, I drove to Bill’s girlfriend’s place. When I arrived, nothing was packed! That was the last straw! I told my BIL, “Oops, my apologies! I was on my way to help you move, but it seems I got the timing wrong.”


I continued, “Just give my wife a call once everything is boxed up and the U-Haul is ready. I think by that time she will be free too and will come to help load it all up.” Then, I left.

Instead of stewing in anger, I called up some friends and joined them for a round of golf. While on my outing, I sent a couple of cheerful pictures to our family chat—just like my wife had from the game.

When she texted, confused, asking where I was, I replied nonchalantly, “Oh, just a last-minute invitation.” Later that day, she returned from the game glowing with excitement. Bill soured her mood when he called her to say they were finally ready to move.

That’s when I told Geraldine I was taking our son to an amusement park for some bonding time. She didn’t even get time to ask me what happened with my involvement in her brother’s move before I was out of the door. I later texted her:

“You’re free now, so you can go help your brother.”

When we returned home, she was flustered and tired. “What happened today? Why did you leave Bill hanging?”

“I thought a last-minute change of plans was acceptable,” I said, the irony not lost on her. “Seems like you had a blast at the game. Bill and his girlfriend finally understand the value of being prepared, don’t they?”

It was a lesson in respect and honesty for both my wife and her brother. She learned not to volunteer other people without discussion and not to lie about her plans. Bill learned to value others’ time and be prepared.

From that day, there was a newfound understanding of our relationship about communication and mutual support.

Sometimes the only way someone can learn to value you is for them to feel what you feel. In the following story, one wife had to physically show her husband that she wasn’t just lazy by making him walk in her shoes. He changed for the better when he saw things from her point of view.

Hi everyone, I’m Wendy, and I’m here to share how a desperate situation led to a much-needed lesson for my husband, Donny. You see, over the years, Donny changed from the sweetest guy I dated into someone who constantly criticized me for the tiniest mess in the house, calling me lazy for not keeping everything pristine while working from home and managing our two kids.

One day, after a particularly humiliating public outburst from him over my suggesting we drive our car closer to pick up some heavy boxes instead of carrying them across a parking lot, I reached my breaking point. But instead of lashing out, I decided it was time for Donny to walk a mile in my shoes.

I had been planning this for months: I booked a week-long business trip for myself. The day after the incident, I left him a note explaining that I’d be gone for a week and left detailed instructions about the kids’ schedules and meals.

The goal was for him to fully grasp the day-to-day chaos I managed, from morning routines, school drop-offs, and after-school activities, to cooking and cleaning—all the things he never noticed. Throughout that week, Donny’s phone calls transformed from shock to desperation.

He confessed how hard it was to keep up with everything, even apologizing for calling me lazy and asking for advice on how to manage. When I returned, the change in him was profound. The house was in decent shape, but the real transformation was in his appreciation.

He greeted me with the warmest hug and a genuine, “I had no idea how tough this was. How do you do it all?”

From then on, Donny stopped criticizing. He started helping more around the house and really stepped up as a partner. It wasn’t just about him helping with chores; it was about respect and appreciation for what I do every day.

This whole experience not only saved our marriage but made it stronger than ever. We found a new balance and a deeper understanding of each other’s contributions. So, that’s my story of how a little role reversal saved our marriage! What about you all? Any similar experiences out there?

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