Dog Waiting For Its Owner To Arrive At School To Bring Her Backpack

Viral videos also fill with joy in anyone’s daily lives. This is the case of a short clip where in Maryland (United States) a family films a dog waiting for the arrival of a girl who gets off the bus to go to school. What she didn’t count was that the pet came up to carry her purple backpack to the place where she was going to study.

The little girl’s name is Autumm and now she knows that she has a loyal companion and that she is going to protect her. With more than 4.5 million views, the video is already sweeping TikTok, uploaded by c5n. A powerful message at the juncture of the return to classes in person in Peru, where a father already knew how to surprise his daughter.

“This is the cutest video you are going to see today: a puppy helps its owner carry the backpack”, the description of the clip reads that has more than 500 likes. It is known that the pet is of the Golden Retriever breed, who are known to be kind, friendly and confident with those around them.

Others point out that this breed can serve as therapy for people because of the closeness they show. Among the comments, they highlighted the attitude of the animal to the girl who filled the joy on the social network. “He’s a real gentleman,” commented one user, while another netizen was also present. “Wait until I’m in high school with big books. He will have steel jaws,” he said.

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