Heartbroken Dog Found Hiding In Washing Machine After Best Friend Dies

A heartbroken dog was found by their owners hiding in the washing machine on their first day alone since their best friend died.

Tiny Chihuahua Leonidas – affectionately known as Piddle – was found curled up with some laundry inside the machine.

The family had to euthanise their elderly labrador mix breed, Gracy days earlier.
Patricia Russell explained in a post on a Dogspotting Society Facebook group, that Gracy had been Piddle’s “comfort dog”.

So, when the poor pup was left alone for the first time, the owners found him hiding inside the washing machine.
Speaking to Newsweek, Patricia said: “I got Piddle as a surprise. Unfortunately, that totally backfired because he is totally attached to me.”

She compared Gracy to an old lady, stating that she was annoyed by the introduction of a new pup into her space.
But she added that despite her grump, she was the sweetest dog who loved everyone once she warmed up to them.

When Gracy stopped eating her food, Patricia rushed her to the vet. Sadly an X-ray revealed cancer had spread throughout the body of the pooch.
Unfortunately, Gracy’s health deteriorated quickly, and she passed away on March 2.

“She was just such a brave dog,” Russell said. “I decided to put her down the next day, but by the evening [the pain] had gotten so bad that I didn’t want her to suffer anymore.”

Piddle stayed by Gracy’s side right up until the end, and the owners told how he even barked at the vets when they approached his best friend.

She added: “He was never really alone before Gracy was gone, the day he was hiding in the washer, I took the kids to soccer practice and he was alone for maybe 2 hours.
“I think he went in the washer because our clothes were in there and he could smell us, and also because it was covered and small. It broke my heart.

“He is adjusting, but he wants to be with us all the time and he is still looking for her, especially when he sees squirrels and wants her to chase them with him.”

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