Wiley the Dalmation Was Born With A Heart Shaped Nose

A dog breed with an absolutely iconic appearance is the dalmation. As evidence of their extensive history, paintings from the early 17th century have depictions of them. Dalmatians have become popular cultural icons over the years (101 Dalmatians, anyone?). and it’s simple to understand why. They are adored as both work dogs and family dogs because of their distinctive looks and amiable personalities!
Use Wiley as an illustration; no two dalmatians are alike! The lovely Dalmatian gained online celebrity thanks to Instagram when it became clear that the heart-shaped mark on his nose was simply too cute! Wiley the Dalmatian now has a whopping 122k followers on Instagram! Wiley is “54 pounds of goofy, clumsy, sassy, hungry, cuddling, curious, wild, crazy, stupid, happy love,” according to his 26-year-old human mother Lexi Smith.

Lexi remarked during a conversation with Bored Panda
He is my best friend, and no number of photos could ever do him and what he means to me justice.

Typically, dalmatian litters contain 6 to 9 puppies. On St. Patrick’s Day of 2018, Wiley, who was born in Oklahoma, and Lexi, who lives in Colorado, came into contact. Puppies of dalmatians are born white, but by the time they are old enough to leave their mother, they have developed their distinctive spots.

The heart-shaped mark on Wiley’s nose was undoubtedly noticeable, but Lexi claims that wasn’t the reason she choose him.
He was one of eight boys in a litter of 11, so I had a difficult time deciding which to choose. The heart was there, but it wasn’t quite developed enough for me to think it would stay because dalmatian spots change so much as they mature. We already had a lot in common because the breeder had told me that all he did was sleep, cuddle, and eat.

It’s common knowledge that dalmatians are an extremely energetic breed, making them ideal for anyone who enjoy the outdoors and adventure. Wiley, according to Lexi, is also brimming with personality!
More personality than any dog I’ve ever met is packed into Wiley’s little frame.

Wiley is undoubtedly a cuddling bug, but in keeping with his Dalmatian nature, he is also incredibly energetic. Fortunately, Lexi claims that they reside in a place where it’s simple to get Wiley outside to burn off all of his wild energy.

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