when i saw her i could only quietly approach her and carry her to the car with tears in my eyes

It’s difficult to know the exact context of this statement, but it seems to suggest a strong emotional reaction to seeing someone and needing to physically carry them to a car. It’s possible that this person was in distress or needed assistance, and you felt a deep sense of compassion and urgency to help them. The tears in your eyes may indicate the depth of your feelings or the emotional weight of the situation.

Alternatively, it’s also possible that this statement is metaphorical and describes a feeling of overwhelming love or admiration for someone, where you feel like you need to carry them away and protect them. Again, the tears may signify the intensity of your emotions.

Without more information, it’s difficult to provide a more specific interpretation. But regardless of the exact meaning, it’s clear that this experience had a strong impact on you and stirred up intense emotions.

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