Teen Killed In Titanic Sub Sensed It ‘Was Not Ok’ Before Father-Son Bonding Trip

Pals of Suleman Dawood, who lost his life when the submersible Titan imploded on a trip to visit the wreck of the lost luxury liner, Titanic, have paid tribute to the tragic teen as it emerged he sensed something was off before the voyage.

Four friends of Suleman, who were at Strathclyde University with him– Isaac, Calum, Joe and Cody – described him as “an incredibly generous and kind person.”
Suleman hadn’t been keen on the idea of diving in a cramped submersible to see the remains of the ship, 13,000 feet below the surface of the Atlantic.
His aunt Azmeh Dawood told NBC that the 19-year-old had felt that something “was not okay” before setting off on the $250,000 OceanGate voyage but had agreed to take part to please his dad, billionaire Shahzada.
She said: “He was not very comfortable about doing it. He was very very not into doing it but it was a Father’s Day thing, it was a bonding experience and he wanted the adventure of a lifetime just like his father did.

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