What One Man Found After Noticing Strange Noises From Under His Driveway…What He Found?

Many people have experienced something paranormal in their lives. However, you can’t always believe what you hear from others. That actually happened for a man called Simon Marks. He had accidentally damaged his home a little and started hearing strange noises. They came from under his driveway, and he couldn’t determine what it was.

His first idea was that an animal somehow got in there, but then he stopped to think about it. The driveway was completely paved, and animals must have air to breathe, so that was unlikely. What in the world did this man find underneath his driveway? Keep reading to find out!
Simon Marks did some damage to his house and went to inspect it. He thought the day couldn’t get any worse and knelt down to the driveway to check under his vehicle. As he bent over, he heard a sound to make his heart skip a beat. What was it?!

You don’t really know what you’re getting when you buy a house. Simon Marks was 37 years old and found a bargain in Luton, England. He couldn’t pass it up. After the paperwork was signed and the transfer was on the way, he didn’t think to wonder why that previous owner wanted rid of it.
A few months later, Simon unpacked boxes to spend the first night in his new home. After the tiring weekend, he climbed into bed. While he was thinking about how to get to his job faster, he set the alarm and noticed a strange noise.
Simon tried not to breathe or make a noise, and he heard it again. It seemed to come from outside. Overall, it was dull and muted, like gravel scraping against metal. He checked out the window, saw nothing, and got back into bed, unaware that something shifted under his house.
That next morning, Simon went to back up, but the car went forward instead of backward. He tried again, realizing the wheel was caught. Finally, he revved up the engine to make the car jump backward. His stomach dropped once he saw what was under his wheel.

As he looked closer, he saw that the driveway pavers were all cracked. While he watched, his entire driveway caved in. He jumped back while concrete crumbled and fell in. When the dust settled, he saw an unnerving thing. What was it?!
Simon already knew his house was built during the 1970s by an older couple. However, none of this was on his house plans. When he determined it was safe, he laid down on the pavers and inched forward. He saw some shine from the earth and started digging!
The dirt gave way easily, and he saw metal in the soil. Using his hands, he uncovered it and pulled hard when he got a grip. The rusted piece didn’t budge, so he dug around to free it. Finally, he realized it was attached to something!
When Simon saw the black hole, his mind raced. What if his car or house was swallowed by that huge sinkhole? However, he noticed a man-made object when he looked closer. He felt this was a sinister thing and called for help.

Simon’s father, Gerald, got to the scene quickly. With no tools or professional equipment, they removed the concrete to find a rectangular hole. From there, they noticed a rusty ladder descending into the darkness. They both felt uneasy, but they wanted to see what was beyond.
Simon had researched the place before he bought it, so he knew the ordinance surveys probably couldn’t help him understand the mystery passageway. Nothing else had been there before this home, according to reports.
He and his dad dug out tons of packed mud and carted it away in buckets. Their pile of earth grew bigger every hour, and soon 5 feet of dirt had been removed, allowing them to go down and investigate.
Simon climbed halfway down and felt that it might not be safe. Therefore, he grabbed a selfie stick from his house and lowered that with his phone into this hole. He noticed underground passageways and two different rooms!
He bought the property for $500,000, but the land had been used before. The elderly man was the original homeowner before selling to Simon. However, he never said what was underneath, and the sounds were from the earth falling into that secret room!
After some time, Simon and his father stopped digging and began researching. They looked up the home’s plot number and saw that it stood empty before the previous owners built the house. However, Gerald realized it was a strategic location!

Simon said his dad had thought it was an air-raid shelter. They used Google to find information about the area and learned that it had been built during World War II. The previous owner had known it was there, filling it in when adding the house!
In 1938 and during World War II, Sir John Anderson was preparing the country for war. He required a strategy to protect people from bombs, so he devised an ingenious plan to do just that!
Sir John had engineers create cheap and simple underground shelters that could be buried in backyards. They were close, so the British homeowners could take shelter immediately. These structures were built from a lightweight and flexible material, but that’s not what Simon found!
Gerald looked at the chamber he found and realized Anderson hadn’t designed this bomb shelter. It was built during the same time period, but a bomb had actually landed nearby. Citizens in the area were frightened to learn that this city was a target.
The community came together to create a large shelter that might withstand air raids. Simon’s dad realized that’s what it was because there were two (or more) rooms, and it was made with bricks and concrete.
They ended up finding a newspaper clipping in one of the hidden rooms. It was dated during the World War II time frame and featured a headline reading: “Luton Airport – Is This the End?” Other articles talked about the daily news in the country.
Simon and Gerald found evidence proving the bomb shelter held water and food to sustain the dwellers. Most people who used underground shelters had to stay there for multiple days at a time.
These concrete walls were reinforced with brick and mortar, which added another layer of protection during air raids. After the father-son duo unearthed the discovery, they weren’t finished. They were only 5 feet down and had 5 feet more to go!

As they searched, they noticed that one wall was bricked up. Simon didn’t think they’d find more rooms, but he couldn’t be sure. He ended up telling his dad to leave things alone, but then his story went viral!
His dad and Simon continued digging, which brought news reporters and neighbors to the front driveway. They also wanted to see this amazing and historical discovery. Simon wasn’t happy about the attention and focused solely on the safety of his house.
Simon realized that he had to tell the world of his discovery. He felt that it was his obligation to show the rich history of his country. In fact, he didn’t want it to be forgotten and hoped that he could somehow preserve the air-raid shelter.
Overall, Simon and Gerald wanted to restore and preserve this shelter to list it as a historical monument. While the war is over, the time period shouldn’t be buried or forgotten. If that wasn’t shocking enough, keep reading to see what might currently be ruining your home!
Most people think all bathroom cleaners are the same, but they aren’t. Grout might not be as strong as your toilet bowl’s porcelain. Therefore, you should only use gentle cleansers in this area.
Spray bottle cleaners should never be sprayed on the surface you wish to clean. Instead, you should spritz them onto a paper towel or sponge, wiping your counter with them. Otherwise, it leaves behind a nasty film.
Spray bottle cleaners should never be sprayed on the surface you wish to clean. Instead, you should spritz them onto a paper towel or sponge, wiping your counter with them. Otherwise, it leaves behind a nasty film.
Vines look pretty in most cases, but they can be a nesting area for bugs that you don’t want in and around the house. Sometimes, the vines trap water, so moisture stays against your home’s side to cause problems.
When you get out of your bathtub or shower, dry yourself off as soon as possible. You shouldn’t walk around and drip water everywhere. That water might cause your wooden floors to warp or buckle with time.
Some dishwashers offer a self-clean feature, and that can be extremely helpful. You should use it periodically, but that isn’t enough. Find the filter at the bottom of the machine and manually clean it. That way, your water flows and stays fresh.
When you hear that a potentially severe storm is on the way, check your property before it arrives. Find any branches that could break during high winds, trimming them down ahead of time. This can save you a lot of money and reduce your risk of filing a home insurance claim.

The downspout is found at the side of your home. Most people find it anything but aesthetically pleasing, but it has a specific purpose. You shouldn’t remove parts of it or take it down. Otherwise, it can’t move water away from your foundation.
Most Americans enjoy backyard barbecues during the spring and summer. However, you should be mindful of where you put the grill and keep it away from the house. Thousands of house fires begin each year because the grill was too close to that home!
If you’re hanging something heavy on your wall, you must be mindful of where you put the nail. Make sure you always hammer into a stud. Most people don’t know the difference, but a stud finder can help you locate them to protect the wall and item you hang.
Many homeowners like hardwood flooring, but they should use furniture pads underneath their heavier items. That way, the furniture doesn’t scratch the floor and can slide easily into place.
Don’t neglect your fireplace and chimney. That could lead to negative repercussions for you in time. Dirty fireplaces can reduce air quality, and the soot inside might catch fire and damage the house or property.
Mulch-based landscapes look pretty, but mulch can hold too much moisture. That is a problem if you put it close to your home. Move the mulch out farther so that you don’t damage the foundation.

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