Appreciative Dog About To Be Euthanized, Blesses His Comfort Pack With His Paw…Wondering What Happens Next?

A shelter dog sat in his kennel alone and afraid. The video explains, “Basically, by close of business that day, if he didn’t have a tag, he would be euthanized over the weekend.” The dog faced a death sentence. All he could pray for was a miracle.

Ben’s new protectors continued their efforts, but the pup still wasn’t comfortable enough to eat. It took him three days to take a nibble of food.

A few days later, Ben finally gave Lauren the hug he and she had been craving! She says, “He went from ‘Don’t touch me!’ to really leaning into that love and affection…”She continued, “He would take his cute little paw, and he would just touch me.

So we jokingly started calling it his blessing.” He also did this for the comfort dogs he was so grateful for! But the rescue dog still had a long way to go. Wondering what happens next? Check out Ben’s full story below.

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