Dog Kisses Dad At Hospital Bedside To Keep Him Calm During Heart Failure

Brian was admitted to the hospital after going into heart failure. His service dog, Magnus, remained by his side and kept Brian “as relaxed as possible.” He gave Brian his paw and kisses to express his love for his dad. Magnus knew everything would be okay- Brian just had to have faith!

Magnus was able to stay with Brian in his hospital bed. They slept together as Brian fought to recover. Brian’s daughters were limited by the hospital’s visiting hours, but thankfully Magnus remained with his dad the entire time. Brian says that Magnus’s calming energy lowered his blood pressure, which was crucial!

The doting dad was finally released from the hospital with Magnus in tow. The service dog still attends all of Brian’s doctor appointments to keep him in good spirits. Just wait until you see what the pup does for Brian’s daughter as well. He’s a miracle worker! WE LOVE MAGNUS! And you will too!

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