Couple Reunited With Dog Missing For Weeks

A couple has been reunited with their dog that was missing for weeks in Adams County.
John and Cynthia Harshbarger welcomed Moscow back on Friday after 22 days of tears, stress and worry.
The Harshbargers took their dogs on a road trip from their home in South Carolina to visit family in Gettysburg.

“It was our very first night there. He went running after something, and John went running after him, but he just disappeared into the cornfield,” Cynthia said.
The Harshbargers spent days searching the woods and fields of Adams County for Moscow but eventually had to make the hard decision to go back home to Myrtle Beach.
Their daughter took to Facebook, hoping someone would see Moscow.
The well-known Facebook group, Find Toby, also posted Moscow as missing.
Three weeks later, a good Samaritan spotted Moscow on the side of Route 30, and reported it.
The Adams County SPCA responded, and were able to trap Moscow and bring him to their shelter to be examined.

Thanks to Find Toby, Moscow was able to be identified. Moscow also had a microchip to verify his identity.
Cynthia and John got the call that their furry friend was found.
The Adams County SPCA says this is a great example of why it is important to microchip your pets.
Three weeks later, he was spotted on the side of Route 30.
Cynthia and John got the call that their furry friend was found.
“I just thought it was a dream,” Cynthia said.
Moscow is 12 years old, under 20 pounds and partially deaf.
“That makes it all the more amazing how something didn’t get him,” Cynthia said.
Veterinarians said he was in surprisingly great shape.
“Obviously, dogs have hope too. If he didn’t have hope, he wouldn’t have survived,” Cynthia said.

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