Florida Family Rescues Dog Stuck In A Frozen Lake in Canada

A Miami-based family saved a dog that had fallen into the icy waters of Quebec’s Lake Beauport on Friday.

According to Alfonso De Anda, his family was walking around the frozen lake when they spotted the dog running outside to play with them. The pup, called “Snowball” by the De Anda children, then ran off.
Afterward, De Anda’s wife noticed paw prints, which she followed down to Lake Beauport.

She found the two-year-old Snowball sitting in the frozen waters, apparently broken through and stuck in the ice-covered lake.
Video shows De Anda’s wife taking a small tree branch and trying to reach Snowball with it, but the pup does not take hold of it.
The De Anda children could be heard screaming in the background, worried about the safety of the pup and their parents.

Moving closer to the edge of the shore, De Anda’s wife grabbed Snowball by its legs and dragged the poor, sopping wet pup back onto land.
The De Anda family returned Snowball back to its owners. The pup did not have any injuries.

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