Breeder ‘Dumped’ Him In The Streets Because He ‘Looked Different’ Than Littermates

Cooper is a lovable dog who was sadly abandoned simply because he looks different from other dogs. He has a rare condition called Short Spine Syndrome, which causes all the segments of his spine to be shortened. As a result, his spine is much shorter than normal, giving him a flattened appearance.

Cooper is just like any other dog, but there is limited information available about his condition as there have only been 30 other reported cases worldwide.

Animal Control discovered Cooper in Virginia after a neighbor reported a stray on her porch. Due to the high population of hunters and breeding facilities in the southern region, rescuers suspect that Cooper might have come from one of these breeding facilities.

As soon as they realized that he was unique compared to the other puppies and that they couldn’t sell him for a profit, they considered him to be worthless and abandoned him.

Cooper had been living on the streets for some time and was found in a malnourished, matted, and scared state. Fortunately, Secondhand Hounds Rescue was familiar with Short Spine Syndrome and readily agreed to take him in.

However, due to Cooper’s condition, he faced various health issues, and the rescue understood that it would be risky to ask an adopter to take on that responsibility.
Ely, a friend of the rescue, chose to become Cooper’s foster parent and was committed to taking care of him no matter what. She developed a deep affection for him right after meeting him, leading her to eventually adopt him forever. Ely will love Cooper with all her heart for the rest of his life. Click the video below to watch this incredible story!

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