After Dog Passes Grieving Owner Hands Mailman Letter About Her Dog He’ll Never Forget

Mailmen and dogs have a famed rivalry that has been making people laugh for generations.

In the old movies and cartoons, a mailman being chased away down the street by a grumpy dog was quite common.

Nowadays, it seems that the two have made their peace and buried the hatchet!

The story of one friendly duo shows us just how far we have come.In Texas, Fernando the mailman, made his rounds and hit the route that he was accustomed to each day.

On his route, he learned where some of his most expectant customers were waiting.

Most of the time, however, those “waiting individuals” were dogs waiting for a pat on the head!

Fernando loved to care for the dogs that he visited each day on his route.

For Fernando, Gretchen was one of his favorites.

Gretchen is a german shepherd that always looked forward to seeing Fernando each day.

As time went on, Fernando and Gretchen developed a special kind of friendship that only a mailman and dog can have!

Some days, Fernando would even bring treats to the waiting dog, just to make her happy.

In April, however, something terrible happened.

When Fernando visited Gretchen’s home in April, he wasn’t greeted by the wagging tail and happy face that he usually was.
He walked up to the home and picked up the mail anyways.

Gretchen was probably at the groomers or something.

When he grabbed the mail, he noticed there was a letter addressed to him.
Picking up the mail, Fernando realized that one of the letters was addressed to him.

It was a note from the owners that lived in the house.

Next to the note was a bag of treats.

As he read the letter, his heart sank.

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