Dog Orphaned After Owner Killed In Hit And Run To Become Service Dog

A dog named Patch was tragically orphaned after his owner was killed in a hit-and-run in Tennessee.

According to a press release, the 50-year-old woman was walking her dog across a bridge near her apartment complex when a Ford F-150 pickup truck struck the woman and killed her.

Authorities discovered Patch had fled the scene and was waiting by the door of his apartment. Despite the tragedy, he was in good health when taken in by the Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control in Nashville, Tennessee.

After waiting for the woman’s family to claim the dog, it soon became apparent that no one was coming. While some dogs would’ve been put into a pound at that point, Medical Mutts had a different plan for Patch.
Medical Mutts offers service dog training to rescue pups so they can develop the skills to become diabetic-alert dogs, seizure-alert dogs, psychiatric service dogs, and more.
The Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control Facebook page shared the good news in a post.
They wrote: “…thanks to Medical Mutts Service Dogs, we have some great news to share! Patch is now in their care! You might remember Patch who was brought to us last week after his owner was sadly hit by a car. Today he started his new life with Medical Mutts, learning to become a service dog! We appreciate the love and attention Patch has gotten over the past week, and we cannot thank Medical Mutts Service Dogs enough for helping Patch in such an amazing way!”

Hopefully Patch can live the best, fullest life from here on out.

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