‘She created the miracle of life’: Pregnant dog abandoned in Marlin rescued thanks to alert neighbor

A pregnant dog whose owner abandoned it in Marlin in a hole while she was giving birth because the owner didn’t want puppies was rescued thanks to an alert neighbor, Animal Control and Fuzzy Friends Animal Rescue in Waco.

The Chihuahua dog, named Miracle by those caring for her at Fuzzy Friends Animal Rescue, still had the umbilical cords attached to the babies when she was abandoned.

A neighbor contacted animal control, who came to the scene and put the mom and babies in their van.

“Miracle went into labor that morning, and because she was having so many puppies, her owner got mad at her,” Fuzzy Friends told KWTX. “The owner dug a hole in the dirt and put this little mother and newborn puppies, with their umbilical cords still attached in the hole. Fortunately, for them, a neighbor witnessed this unspeakable act of cruelty and called authorities.”

Miracle gave birth to her last puppy in the back of the animal control van. Fuzzy Friends Animal Rescue then took in the dog and her babies and immediately got to work on nursing them back to health.

“We were able to give them a chance at a new live by vaccinating mom, bringing them into our care,” said Grace Green, the Director of Shelter Operations at Fuzzy Friends. “She had some preexisting health conditions that we’ve helped her work through now.”
Green says picking a name for the mom was easy and fitting.

“We named her Miracle, because as a mom to her eight puppies, she created the miracle of life. She brought us eight little sweet souls that are just the most precious babies ever. She went through a lot before she came to us now so it’s also a miracle that she’s in our care now and a miracle that she’s going to get to have a forever home,” Green said.

Miracle remains at Fuzzy Friends Animal Rescue.

All eight puppies have been fostered out to loving homes while they complete vaccinations, and are spayed and neutered.

Fuzzy Friends plans to have the puppies, six boys and two girls, as well as Miracle, available for adoption in early June.

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