Woman Finds Two Puppies In Garbage Bin At Gas Station

A woman at a gas station ended up rescuing two puppies after she found them discarded in a garbage bin next to the gas pumps in South Florida.

Brittany Wolfe pulled into a gas station in Davie, Florida, to get gas after a long day of work. She saw something moving in the trash can and thought it was a raccoon but when she took a closer look she saw what looked like a puppy.

She dug into the bin and pulled one partially out and started to record the video. That’s when she realized there were actually two puppies! She says on video “I’m literally shaking.” After a bit of struggle she got them safely into the back of her car.

The rescue effort was a dirty job.

“They had eaten so much trash they vomited all over the car,” Brittany revealed. “It was a mess.” Even though the dogs felt a bit sick they are also thrilled to have been rescued and won’t stop licking her face. Watch her rescue adventure in the video below:
Things were much better once they got home and Brittany could give the puppies a bath. Brittany updated everyone on the puppies on her TikTok account @itsamamawolfe and shared that both puppies have wonderful new homes. The female puppy went to a close friend of the family and the male puppy has found a home too, after it didn’t work out with his first adopter.

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