Pregnant Wife Shocked When Sees Message On Husband’s Phone: ‘You Haven’t Told Her About Us?’

An anonymous Reddit user shared a heartbreaking story about discovering her husband’s infidelity with her best friend while she was six months pregnant. The woman and her husband had been together for several years, had two children, and were expecting another.

The woman’s father, her last living parent, was diagnosed with colon cancer, adding to the challenges they were already facing. Despite the hardships, the husband appeared supportive and loving, helping her through the difficult times.

However, the revelation came when the woman accidentally discovered a text on her husband’s phone from her best friend, confirming their affair. Shocked and devastated, she read their messages and learned that the betrayal had been going on for four months.

Struggling to process the heartbreaking news, the woman continued to maintain a facade of normalcy for the sake of her children. Despite her emotional turmoil, she chose to confront the situation calmly, not immediately revealing her knowledge of the affair.

The woman decided to cut ties with her best friend and sought support from her in-laws and her best friend’s family. She showed them the incriminating messages, leading to both families expressing deep remorse and siding with her. The mother-in-law even disowned her son, stating that the woman was now considered a daughter.

The woman consulted a lawyer about a potential divorce, and the legal process began. The lawyer assured her that her husband wouldn’t be entitled to the money her late father left her. The woman refrained from confronting her husband immediately, focusing on starting a new life for herself and her children.

The story unfolded further when the woman updated Reddit users about subsequent events. She underwent testing for STDs and STIs, received financial support and documents from both sets of in-laws, and eventually left her husband, who reacted violently by damaging property and getting arrested.

The woman’s father passed away, and she opted for a separation instead of an immediate divorce. Her ex-husband had supervised visitation with their children, attended therapy for anger management, and learned to control his temper. The woman formed a supportive connection with her best friend’s brother, Jake, who patiently helped her through the challenging times.

The heartbreaking saga reflects the resilience of the woman facing betrayal, loss, and challenges, ultimately choosing to rebuild her life for the sake of her children and her own well-being.

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