The poor dog was specially bred for lab tests and thankfully Uno was freed from the lab and ended up with a loving father

Uno, a breed created especially for testing in laboratories, is terrible. Thank goodness Uno escaped from the lab and found a loving father who calls him his son and only has daughters. He really does mean it, too.

The animal sanctuary Kindness Ranch in Wyoming is run by John as executive director. It’s incredible that Kindness Ranch was a part of one of the biggest dog rescue operations in history. They helped save nearly 4,000 dogs!
John was shocked by how raucous Uno was when he was one of the initial group of rescued dogs brought back from Virginia. Uno made it clear that the 32 dogs who were confined to kennels didn’t make him feel at home. To help the dog feel comfortable, he sat as close to him as he could within his kennel.

Uno was eventually brought home by John to be cared for at the shelter. He was content to be outside the kennel, though he wasn’t sure about people or other animals. The puppy has never run around or even walked on grass before.

The fresh surroundings had Uno in a state of ecstasy. He smiled and threw himself into John’s arms, giving him a big hug in appreciation. John then became a child’s permanent father, replacing his previous foster care role.

It would be a mistake to miss Uno’s adventure, which was about to start. The kind people who work tirelessly to help pets like Uno are to be thanked. For your persistent labor, we are incredibly grateful.

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