The Puppy Dog Was Thrown By The Evil Man In Front Of The House

The Puppy Dog Was Thrown By The Evil Man In Front Of The House. Security cameras capture a heartbreaking scene. It was around 4 am. A strange man on a motorbike.

He threw a bag in front of my gate and ran away as fast as he could. I was socked. Because of the appearance of the puppy in the bag.. Puppy screams for help! She has been abandoned here and she is scared. Her eyes were sad and just wanted to cry.

This world is too big and no one knows this dog. She was abandoned and forgotten by the whole world! I decided to bring her home to take care of her.

Looks like she’s still scared. After being left in the bag by the owner for hours. She is still haunted by it and she needs time to get over it. I don’t know if the mother dog died, it cried a lot. And did that make the man decide to leave her or not? But whatever the reason, abandoning animals is unacceptable!!! The man doesn’t want to take care of her.

And I don’t bother about it anymore! Because if the man is found again and brings the puppy back to him, Puppies will sooner or later be abandoned.

Or she will never be happy living with someone who doesn’t love her! I will keep this beautiful puppy with me. Love and take care of her for the rest of her life!!!

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