Mother Dog Caught In Rope Refuses To Give Up On Last Baby

This mother dog was scared, hurt and alone. But she refused to give up on her only puppy.
The black and white dog was spotted in Thailand last week with her leg twisted up in a rope. The cord was knotted around her front leg and the rough fiber was cutting through her limb, leaving a nasty wound.

But that didn’t matter much to her – because she had a baby to look out for. Despite the pain, the mother dog continued to tend to her little pup for at least a week, dragging the knotted rope behind her.

When a kindhearted neighbor tried to help the pair, the mother dog was so fiercely protective of her baby that the person couldn’t approach them.

Unfortunately, the baby needed help her mom couldn’t give. The tiny puppy had somehow gotten her neck wrapped up in a vine, which was cutting into her skin and severely injuring her. So the neighbor called Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), a rescue that works with domestic and wild animals.

WFFT jumped into action, tracking down the pair of dogs and bringing them back to its rescue center. There, WFFT veterinarians removed the rope and gently tended to the mother while her pup looked on.
Now, mom and baby will have a chance to recover in the safety of the shelter, where they’ll have plenty of food and a comfortable place to sleep. They’ll both also be vaccinated and the mother dog will be spayed.

Unfortunately, Thailand has an immense population of homeless dogs and no few people will take them in, so mom and baby will be returned to the streets once they’re healed. But WFFT will make sure they have the best chance of surviving when they do return home.

These dogs haven’t had an easy life. No one knows how they got caught up in rope and vine, or what happened to the other puppies, if there were any. But thanks to mom’s protective care, both mom and baby have a second shot – and no matter what, they’ll have each other.

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