Puppy Won’t Stop Hugging Man Who Saved Her From Slaughterhouse

A 4-month-old puppy clung to her rescuer and wouldn’t let go after he saved her from a slaughterhouse.

Sanie was saved just before she was to be butchered by Michael Chour, founder of The Sound of Animals, who managed to convince the owner to hand her over.

He was visiting a dog meat farm in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to save as many dogs as he could. When he went to get Sanie, she was cowering in her cage and terrified of the people around her.
“When I got out of the cage, she was still terrified, and she was looking at the butcher,” Chour told the Dodo. “But after I turned my back to him, she pushed herself against me, and put her head under mine.”
“She hugged me and didn’t stop,” Chour continued. “When I took her to the vet clinic and tried to put her on the floor, she still didn’t let go.”

Chour thinks that Sanie used to have a family and was likely snatched by thieves to be sold for meat. But he know she feels safe now. “She knows perfectly well that I saved her and she feels my love,” Chour said. “Dogs are intelligent and they understand things.”
Although it will be impossible for him to find her original family, he hopes to find Sanie a loving new one. Several of the dogs he’s rescued have been adopted by families in Europe.

Sanie will stay with Chour and the other dogs he’s rescued at his shelter, Blue Dream where she can recover and learn to trust humans.
To find out more about the work The Sound of Animals does, visit their Facebook group.

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