Orphan Puppy Lives Alone In Abandoned Apartment In Decaying Community

The decaying communities are always places where stray animals gather. Often visit these areas can help them in need. Shye was found while rotine patrol.

She lived alone in an abandoned apartment. She has her own living space and den. When she met someone, she would immediately run back to the den and stay silent. That was the only place she felt safe. After a long wait, no other dogs were seen nearby.

I decided to take her out of this desolate place.
After shye was adopted, she was always showing signs of unease, always hiding in places similar to her original den. And, there was always a sad look on his face. Considering that she should be missing her mother, I took her back to her original den to see if I could find her mom. Unfortunately, her mother never showed up.
Shye has now slowly come out of the shadow of losing her mother. She is very attached to me. I replaced her mother as her spiritual support.

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